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First and foremost I am a scientist. Specifically, I am a chemical physicist which basically means I study the physical properties of chemical systems. I have a B.A. in chemistry from Capital University and a Ph.D. in chemical physics from The Ohio State University (you can read my doctoral dissertation if you’d like). I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio and moved to North Carolina after completing my doctorate to become a professor of chemistry at Lenoir-Rhyne University (back then it was Lenoir-Rhyne College). I still claim that I was trying to get away from the snow but didn’t quite go far enough south.

My wife, Patricia, is also a scientist and educator. She teaches in the biology and biotechnology programs and Cleveland Community College. We have one son who just finished the ninth grade. We have quite a wild household. We have five indoor cats and three dogs. In addition to our lives as scientists and educators, my wife and I are also runners and hikers.

Being born and raised in Columbus, Ohio and then having gone to Ohio State you could say I’m a huge Ohio State fan. To be honest, I’m not sure huge is a large enough word. I can talk about Ohio State football all day. Want any good quotes by Woody Hayes? Want to know why Ohioans hate Michigan and vice versa? I got the answers. Traveling up to watch our Buckeyes in The Horseshoe each fall has become a family tradition. We start getting ready for our trip weeks in advance by listening to CDs of The Ohio State University Marching Band (TBDBITL). Even though my wife is from Tennessee and is a Tennessee fan, I have converted her to the ranks of Buckeyes.