Hang Paper on a Wall Using Scissors

My two wheel spins gave me "hange a piece of paper on the wall" using "scissors".

Results of my wheel spins.

In order to better understand how we can use tools for things they were not intended for, I spun two wheel and got to figure out how to attached a piece of paper to a wall using scissors. I made a video to show my method for doing this.

This process really got me thinking about how many tools can be utilized for new purposes both inside and outside the classroom. It turns out that the hardest part I found was not being able to scissors as a make-shift push-pin… though that would be a possibility. There have been countless times that I have had to improvise on the spot while teaching chemistry lab. You know… something isn’t working right so I have to figure out how to do the same thing with other tools. Not only does this happen in science labs, it also happens in classroom settings. I am just now beginning to get a grip on using cell phones to facilitate better dialog with my students both inside and outside the classroom. Many tools that we use all the time, can be used for a variety of unintended purposes.

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